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Acupuncture Philadelphia

Welcome to the healing arts practice of Margaret Kinnevy, RN, LAc. Here you will find access to a variety of modalities in addition to acupuncture. All care delivered is from an integrative Oriental medical perspective. If you are looking to find relief from pain or pressure, digestion or depression, infertility or insomnia, anxiety or agitation, you will be  offered tools for self-care and treatments that work in concert with your practices of healthy living. 

Prevention of Common Conditions 

Your body’s balance inevitably and regularly becomes upset by by the environment in which you live, work, and play. Understanding this interplay, coupled with body awareness attained during a course of treatment, will increase your self-care abilities, leading the way for sustainable care and wellbeing, and decreasing episodes of upset.


Contributing to a Sustainable System of Health Care

Sustaining wellbeing and prevention of chronic disease is a new primary goal of the World Health Organization and this clinic. The Asian medical paradigm offers a fresh perspective and can identify the lifestyle and physical phenomena that precede the development of common American diseases. 

Creating Wellbeing in the Presence of Chronic Illness or Health Challenges

We each strive toward an equilibrium that when overly disturbed, is experienced as illness, and can further develop into disease. While possibiiites for change vary from person to person, given their particular set of circumstances, you will find that mindbody practices are powerful tools for increasing wellbeing in the face of difficult transitions.

Family Planning and Fertility Health Program 

This model was developed to empower reproductive health regardless of ability to pay.  Affordable, accessible, and high quality care for support of reproductive health and choice in planning your family.  The long term health of the child is well-served when the goal is on pre-conception health and increasing the well-being of the parents before trying to conceive.


To schedule an appointment,  text/call your request to the office, 267-934-4682 or email.